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What our customers and users are saying about their Turazo Networks

The ability to connect students across the country with our teammates and to be able to provide them with an inside look into working at Under Armour, has been the greatest value of the platform. Students receive guidance and advice on their professional development, and our internal team gets the opportunity to be part of our University Recruiting strategy.
Raphael Jordan Under Armour Recruiting Manager
Raphael Jordan
Raphael Jordan, Manager, University Recruiting at Under Armour

"My session with an Under Armour employee was extremely helpful and informative about careers at UA. He offered excellent insight about what to expect as an intern, told me how the student-athlete experience has impacted him, and gave great advice for moving my career forward. Our conversation made me very excited about pursuing opportunities at Under Armour!"


Notre Dame

"I was surprised by how easy it was to schedule a session and how accessible the members [of the network] were. It was invaluable to hear from an actual employee at a company I liked, about the daily routine of their job, the application process, and potential career paths within their company."



"With Turazo, I spoke to an Under Armour employee who gave me great insight into Under Armour's commitment to diversity in the workplace. She also explained UA's commitment to helping the community."


North Carolina Central University

"Through the platform, we’ve been able to identify talented students who could be future interns in our programs. The platform has become an additional recruiting tool giving students the opportunity to have direct connection with our employees through conversations. Many students have given feedback on campus that the conversations are meaningful, impactful and gives them better visibility into their future career paths."


University Recruiting at Under Armour

"Speaking with alumni on the Turazo Platform who once stood in your shoes is comforting and inspiring. Whether it is to learn something new about a field that you didn't know existed, or be reassured about something you were wondering about, the platform offers a really unique opportunity."


University of Virginia


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