Talent Retention

Build the next

generation of leaders

Employees remain at companies with great missions and strong cultures in which they can flourish.

The voices they trust most to guide them are fellow employees. Connect them.

Show them they belong.

Employees want to be valued contributors.

Nurture them through sustained learning and career development.

Relationships and connections are key to retaining great people.

Turazo is trusted by industry leaders

Your future leaders are already in the building.

“Turazo allows employees to make and strengthen connections with leaders they may not see in person. We’re eager for anything that makes a path for other people to do great work.”

– Ashley Brown, Director of DEI, Under Armour

How it works

Rising stars and senior employees join a Turazo-powered network

Growth-oriented employees book multiple live 1:1 conversations with team leaders

Live 1:1 video conversations result in:

  • High adoption: Newer hires choose company visionaries with the most relevant backgrounds

  • Impact: Employees / strivers are energized & inspired via live conversations

  • Scale: Create a company-wide culture of learning, not just through HR

Turazo software positively impacts the experiences of employees along their career arc.

Use Turazo for Retention:

  • Talent development
  • Internal mobility
  • Cross-functional teams

The future of employee retention is..

“I have been blown away from my experience so far in the Reach program. Having a coach is truly a luxury that I do not take for granted and is something that I have been trying to make the most out of.”

– Learner, after 1-to-1 conversation with an employee coach

The time is right

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