Talent Acquisition

Help prospects connect with someone like them who is flourishing at your company.

Show prospects why your company is a perfect match for them.

In 2021, 66% of all businesses said they were having difficulty hiring.

Turazo connects the right people at the right time, for the conversations that NEED to happen at your company.

Turazo is trusted by industry leaders

Because we didn’t spend cycles getting the UX and features right, we hit the ground running. We devoted 100% of our energy to participants holding valuable one-to-one conversations. This allowed our program to expand rapidly. The support we’ve gotten from the Turazo team has been absolutely first-class. We couldn’t be happier. 

– Jim Sanders, Senior Design Manager, Microsoft

How it works

We use machine learning to match your best prospects and candidates with your best culture-carrying employees.

These brand ambassadors are people at your company who want to share how great their experiences have been.

Schedule a one-on-one conversation quickly and easily.

Harness the enthusiasm of employee resource groups. Allow them to have authentic one-to-one conversations with candidates.

We ensure that an ambassador’s time is respected, with tools that help them seamlessly plan their engagements and make notes after a meeting.

“The Xerox employee I spoke with shared how everyone encourages career advancement and that many people will assist with that.”

– Xerox Applicant after their Turazo experience

“He really appreciated the time we spent. Since he’s considering a new company, he’s looking at how we actually engage from a DIB perspective, because he was so impressed with how Xerox is highly engaged in that area.”

– Xerox Professional after their Turazo experience

The time is right

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