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Diversity & Inclusion 

Create a stronger business through more diverse teams.

Diversifying your talent pool at scale is undoubtedly one of the biggest challenges facing recruiters today.
Tap into a large pool of diverse candidates including those that don’t show up in traditional resume-based screening or campus events. Unlike other sourcing and ATS systems that rely on abstract algorithms, Turazo’s approach to diversity puts human beings in the driver’s seat.

Key Features

Connect at Scale

Build authentic 1:1 interactions with candidates via live-video.

Reach More Campuses

Drastically increase the amount of schools you interact with.

Less Travel

Leverage tech to reduce travel costs and time out of the office.

Reviews & Feedback

Develop a scorecard of key performance attributes to assess candidates.

Real-Time Signals

Gain true visibility into the power of your network via usage metrics, reviews and reports.

Unparalleled Support

Regular reports summarizing usage, noting extraordinary reviews and success stories.

"With Turazo, I spoke to an Under Armour employee who gave me great insight into Under Armour's commitment to diversity in the workplace. She also explained UA's commitment to helping the community."
North Carolina Central University

How Under Armour Is Scaling Their Campus Recruiting Efforts

Fact: You can reach 10x the number of campuses you visit each year AND reduce travel costs and time out of the office. Learn how Under Armour went from interacting with 20 schools to 200+, with Turazo.

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