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Candidate Engagement

Find Your Top Candidates. Fast.

Identify & Engage Top Candidates

Job seekers rank current employees as the #1 trusted source for information about a company.

Turazo allows candidates to engage directly with your team and brand, gaining valuable insights into the culture, the business, and “a day in the life." Your current employees are the most authentic resource you have to showcase your mission and values. With Turazo, including them in your talent acquisition strategy has never been easier.

Platform Features

Employer Branding

Garner name recognition for your brand so potential job seekers know who you are and what you do.

Engagement Tools

Attract and engage talent with Turazo’s built-in content section for sharing news, videos, and pro tips.

Actionable Sourcing Analytics

A faster, more effective candidate evaluation process.

Team Collaboration

Get immediate feedback and uniform data points with post session assessments.

Candidate Lead Capture

Reach 10x the number of qualified candidates.

Unparalleled Support

A Customer Success Member will help you every step of the way.

The ability to connect students across the country with our teammates and to be able to provide them with an inside look into working at Under Armour, has been the greatest value of the platform. Students receive guidance and advice on their professional development, and our internal team gets the opportunity to be part of our University Recruiting strategy.
Under Armour Recruiting Manager

Candidate Experience Checklist

Are you providing a humanized candidate experience? Use this checklist to determine your candidate experience score and identify opportunities for improvement.



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