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Turazo software helps customers' talent organizations Connect Better. Whether creating authentic, inclusive candidate experiences or growing and retaining current teammates through mentorship and internal mobility, Turazo networks deliver human-to-human connections with high engagement, actionable data streams, and real results. Located in San Francisco, Turazo customers include enduring brands like AT&T, Microsoft, Xerox and Under Armour.

Candidate Experience - Under Armour uses Turazo recruiting software

Candidate Experience: Under Armour


Recruiting software for proactive sourcing. Fill, keep the pipeline warm for a better way to connect.

Recruiting through 1-to-1 Conversations
–software solution for growing a robust, diverse, warm pipeline through early, 1-on-1 conversations between prospects and your company’s best employees. Identify mutual enthusiasm for future jobs. At scale. Intuitively. A superb value.
Medium-sized to enterprise companies, inc AT&T, Xerox, Dolby, Under Armour. 100% customer retention.
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Turazo maintains effective security controls according to recent SOC 2SM report

 San Francisco, CA - May 20, 2021 – Today, Turazo announced that the company has undergone a System and Organization Controls (SOC) 2SM examination resulting in a CPA’s report stating that management of Turazo maintained effective controls over the security, availability, and confidentiality of its software system. The engagement was performed by BARR Advisory, P.A.

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The Future of Campus Recruiting

Without on-campus networking events, “recruiting” in the age of social distancing is far from easy—both for the students seeking opportunities and for the companies who need to manage and cultivate their talent pipeline. While COVID-19 continues to present unprecedented challenges for talent acquisition teams across the globe, technology and new products allow for different and often more effective ways of sourcing and interviewing candidates.

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Five Ways Companies Are Advancing Gender Diversity

Recognized every year on March 8, International Women’s Day honors the contributions and achievements of women in our world. The 2021 theme #ChooseToChallenge, highlights the importance of challenging biases and misconceptions in the interest of creating a more inclusive and gender-equal world.

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Quotations from 9 Women Leaders on Helping Others

In support of women’s history month, we are showcasing quotations from women leaders on the benefits of connecting people, making others better, cultivating a network of trusted mentors and colleagues, and just overall helping advance the entire organization by helping others advance. Below are these quotes and a little information about each woman.

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Celebrating The Legacy Of Black Entrepreneurship & Black-Owned Family Businesses

February marks Black History Month, a tribute to Black men and women who have made significant contributions to our country. Started in 1925 by Carter G. Woodson, the purpose of Black History Month is two-fold: to celebrate the work, accomplishments, and resilience of Black Americans and to reflect on the continued struggle for racial justice in our society.

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What Campus Recruiters Can Learn from this Entrepreneurship Network

The demand for diverse, entry-level candidates is higher than ever, causing recruiters to rethink how they find, engage, and convert the next generation of workers. Sometimes, in order to find creative solutions to difficult problems like this one, it helps to look outside of your niche to learn from others who are grappling with similar issues but in a different vertical.

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