Mentors & mentees experience meaningful outcomes at ICMA with Coach Connect

ICMA (International City/County Management Association) deploys Coach Connect, a Turazo solution, to to facilitate ICMA members finding coaches to assist with career development.

Michael Colella, Customer Success at Turazo, spoke with Curtis Brown, Neighborhood Program Specialist for the city of Columbus, Ohio, about his experience using Coach Connect. Curtis is one of the most active mentees on the ICMA-Turazo platform.

ICMA is the leading organization of local government professionals dedicated to creating and sustaining thriving communities throughout the world.


Why did you seek out Coach Connect? What’s been your experience?

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Turazo puts its money where its mouth is with internships

Seamlessly customize and deploy the Turazo software platform to increase the value of an internship program. Match interns with diverse employees to create a wider range of opportunities, increase conversion to FTE, and infuse energy into your corporate culture. 

That's how our enterprise and high-growth early-stage startups clients use Turazo. We do too! We put our money and time where our mouth is with interns. Meet the multi-faceted Alex Becker, software engineering intern extraordinaire. He makes mentoring feel good too.


Tell us about your internship?

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