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Top 7 Tips for Recruiting Clinical Workers

The aging Baby Boom population coupled with increased life expectancy increases the need for more health professionals. Furthermore, the alarming turnover rate of more than 19% exacerbates the talent shortage.So how can hospitals and other healthcare institutions recruit and retain qualified professionals?

This eBook provides tips and best practices to help you successfully recruit more qualified candidates.


How to Address the Diversity Problem in Finance

Diverse and inclusive companies drive innovative results, however, the finance industry still struggles to attract and retain diverse talent that mirrors its customer base. In this free eBook, we'll explain how attracting and retaining strong talent that is representative of the diverse world we live in starts from the inside. Through real life examples that showcase successful candidate and employee engagement strategies and recent statistics illustrating the virtuous relationship between diversity and financial performance, we'll uncover the proven D&I recruiting strategies you can implement at your institution today.



Candidate Experience Checklist

Are you providing a humanized candidate experience? Use this checklist to determine your candidate experience score and identify opportunities for improvement.




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Diversifying Talent Pools: Under Armour

Challenged by limited resources to invest significant time on campuses across the country, Under Armour needed a way to diversify their talent pool and create stronger relationships with students.With Turazo, they now engage prospective candidates in more meaningful ways. By involving current employees in their recruiting efforts, they cultivate better relationships with candidates while reducing travel costs and time out of the office.

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