A Better Approach
to Talent Acquisition

1. Attract

Enthusiastic prospects with greater reach and a strong call-to-action.

2. Relate

Empower culture-carrying employees to engage and inspire prospects.

3. Retain

Identify and nurture great prospects for an easy “yes” when the right position opens

See How We Enable Relational Recruiting

The ability to connect students across the country with our teammates and to be able to provide them with an inside look into working at Under Armour, has been the greatest value of the platform. Students receive guidance and advice on their professional development, and our internal team gets the opportunity to be part of our University Recruiting strategy.

Raphael Jordan, Manager, University Recruiting, Under Armour

It took less than five minutes to create a profile and immediately five women agreed to chat with me – they were from California, Wisconsin, New Jersey, and New York. The women were amazing, and were just four of the 1100 students that have signed up for mentoring with over 115 coaches. I left every meeting so jazzed and I learned a lot from them too. For instance, I found it fascinating that most of the technical women wanted to try careers that bridged between technology and business like a role of Product Management.

Sandy Carter, Vice President, Amazon Web Services


Scale your recruiting with culture-carrying employees and near-zero overhead


Expand the inclusiveness of your hiring process to be as broad as your employee base


Provide a powerful call to action for prospects – “Talk to anyone you like”

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