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Amidst Internship Cancelations, Career Coaching is the Answer

Team Turazo

We’ve seen companies like Ab InBev, Visa, and Adobe report complete hiring freezes. Others, like Yelp and Facebook, have canceled their summer internships altogether. And worse, some companies are rescinding internships and job offers. 

While the Googles, Amazons, and Goldman Sachs of the world have not yet publicly reported any hiring impacts, the recruiting world—and students from across the country—brace themselves for what’s to come. 

Among the advice given to students scrambling to figure out their future is this: Build your network. 

Unfortunately, without internships and on-campus networking events, “building your network” in the age of social distancing is far from easy—both for the students that need the opportunities and for the companies who need to manage and cultivate their pipeline for the future. 

Companies that have long suffered from the ineffective and expensive collegiate job fair recruiting methods of yesterday, have an opportunity today to pivot their recruiting strategy while also helping students find success.

This article outlines how virtual career coaching can not only impact your current workforce but your future one as well.

What is Career Coaching?

Career coaching is an efficient and easy way for a professional to help a student or mentee identify career goals, develop skills, and strategize career development and trajectories. Coronavirus aside, the very act of searching for a job or an internship creates anxiety, fear, and vulnerability. In essence, career coaching grants both parties permission to relax a little bit.

For students, in particular, coaches provide guidance, share their experience, and offer additional networking opportunities that can impact a student’s life, both in the short and long-term. It’s through a higher degree of honesty, curiosity, and empathy that could never be achieved in a more high-stakes interview setting, that career coaching creates an environment where an authentic long-term relationship can develop, benefiting both parties.

Virtual Career Coaching  in the Era Of Social Distancing

The traditional rules of recruiting engagement and job hunting are basically irrelevant. Cafe meet-ups and in-person job fairs are no longer viable options to network and connect.

In the era of social distancing, virtual career coaching is a scalable, authentic relationship-building approach that flips the script, helping students, universities, and companies recruit for a better tomorrow. And among its many advantages, virtual coaching mirrors the way people and students are working today – remotely and through virtual meeting applications. 

Plus, we already know that candidates trust a company’s current employees more than their corporate messaging to provide credible information on what it’s like to work there. Who better to speak about expectations, a day-in-the-life, and your company’s mission and culture than those who are living and breathing it every day?

If we believe that the key to quickly identifying the fit between a candidate and a company is finding a way to engage in meaningful conversations, then virtual recruiting certainly offers a scalable solution.

Fortunately, you can make a difference today, by coaching college students through these murky times. Join us April 1 – April 8 for an Online Career Fair hosted by The Women’s Network, a women-led national networking organization focused on connecting collegiate women and celebrating ambition. Whether you are hiring right now or not, you can keep your university recruiting on track by connecting with and helping thousands of ambitious college women for 1-on-1 video conversations. 


Engage Today so You Are Ready to Hire, Tomorrow

While we may not know exactly what the future holds, one thing is for sure: the campus recruiting methods of yesterday won’t fuel the pipeline needs of tomorrow. Instead, a strategic human approach to pipeline management that emphasizes relationship building, will be the difference between quickly mobilizing high-quality candidates when you need them in the future and being left flatfooted when this pandemic finally comes to an end.

Engage in virtual career coaching today, and you will find the right talent to position yourself for tomorrow.

Interested in hosting your own virtual career fair? Learn more!

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