Categories: HR Technology, Recruiting TrendsPublished On: April 15th, 2020

A Message to Students: Career Coaching is Your Best Next Move

Team Turazo

There are hundreds of thousands of professionals who want to help you during these uncertain times. Here are ways you can capitalize via career coaching, now.

We get it! The last few weeks have turned your life upside-down and figuring out the new normal has not been easy. The good news is the bright future you dreamed about while you were on campus just a few weeks ago is still ahead of you. The chaos will subside, and eventually, life will eventually get back to normal. If you use this time wisely, you will set yourself up for success, and set yourself apart from others. Virtual career coaching is a great first step to do just that.
Whether you have a clear picture of where you want to go in your career or are feeling kind of lost, professionals working in the industries and roles that you find interesting can offer you guidance and advice that can help you move forward as you navigate these uncertain times. Coaches can share their experience in the roles they work in, tell you about the journeys that got them to where they are and offer ideas for what you can do while you are stuck at home so that you can get closer to your career goals. The best part? They will share this knowledge for free.
The world is pulling together during this crisis, and there are hundreds of thousands of professionals willing to coach you simply because they want to help. The key is for you to capitalize on this opportunity. In this article, we will discuss how you can find the right coach to give you guidance, how you can maximize the learnings you get from these sessions and offer advice as to how you can best position yourself to use virtual coaching to find an internship or even a full-time job.


Finding the Right Coach
Now is the time to ask! You can find coaches by networking through family and friends, or you can go online and search for professionals on LinkedIn and message them directly to ask for advice. These methods can work, but it can be a slow process. If you go this route, be patient, make sure you have a clear set of objectives, and try to be specific with your requests: “I am reaching out to see if you might be able to give me advice about . . .”
A more efficient way to find the right coach is through Turazo’s platform. You can quickly set up a profile and within five minutes you will be able to search for coaches within industries and roles that interest you. Once you match with the right coach, you can pick a time on their calendar to set up a 20-minute virtual video coaching session. These sessions are free, and because they are set up to be conversational and student-driven, they can be a powerful way for you to learn more about the careers that interest you.
Maximize the Learning
Whatever path you take to engage with coaches, make sure you set yourself up for success. Turazo will help you do this by guiding you to set up goals for the session and by providing ideas for questions, along with tips for ensuring that your sessions are productive.  The most important thing is to know what you want to get out of your session and to approach the conversation with that purpose in mind.
Come prepared to ask pointed questions, “If you were back in college today, what might you do differently knowing what you know now about your career?” or “what tough lessons have you learned along the way to get where you are today, and how did they help you grow?” Coaches want to feel like their guidance is going to help you succeed, so be forthcoming with your concerns and challenges and ask them for help.
Ask About Internships and Jobs
While some companies are in a holding pattern on jobs and internship hires right now, others are looking to fill positions or finding ways to turn certain roles into remote work opportunities. It is ok to ask your coach if their organization is hiring or if they might know someone else who may be hiring now or in the future, but don’t make this the only focus of your conversation.
A great coaching session is the foundation of a relationship, so even if there are no roles currently available, if you and your coach have a great conversation it may lead to opportunities down the line.
Stay Positive and Keep Learning
We are all in this together, and these are not easy times, but this is just a moment in time. If you use this time wisely and look for even small opportunities to learn and grow, you will move forward. Virtual career coaching is a great way to accomplish this, and Turazo is here to help.  
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