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A Versatile Platform for Recruiting

Turazo connects top prospects and candidates with employees in frictionless 1-to-1 video sessions to:

  • Authentically connect for better conversion & to solve for strategic KPIs
  • Elevate your employer brand to attract early talent
  • Meet & exceed DEI benchmarks
  • Retain employees through internal mobility opportunities
  • Build & warm a pipeline of early talent to meet growth & stay ahead of churn

Employer Brand: Evaluate for Ideal Fit

Ensure candidate-corporate fit and growth potential in early talent hiring.

Turazo's 1-on-1 mentoring and informational sessions amplify the green flags.

Convert internship classes at higher rates.


DEI: Create & Mentor Meaningful Relationships — at Scale

Flip the script from transactional to relationship-based recruiting.

Get your team and ERGs involved seamlessly to participate in the process.

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Retention & Internal Mobility: Build Careers Through Mentoring

Grow qualified internal candidates by helping employees learn new skills and gain motivation.

Identify diverse talent and promotion opportunities. 


Low Risk—High Reward for Employers & Candidates

90% of Candidates...

Are more interested in working for a company after engaging with its employees on the Turazo platform.
Start building a more diverse and inclusive workforce today.

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Today is the best time to start.

Attract and engage 10x the number of diverse candidates with Turazo’s virtual recruiting platform.

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