Categories: NewsroomPublished On: April 15th, 2022

HCM Technology Report: 10 Most Interesting Companies

Kim Grant

Mark Feffer, Editor & Publisher of the HCM technology Report, introduces his 2022 report:

In this, our inaugural quarterly report, we look at 10 companies whose work is bringing HCM technology to new levels of sophistication and service. Some are built on content, while others leverage data. Whatever their strategy, they’ve tuned into the needs of employers and employees as they navigate an uneven economy, changing demands on workers and a deep need to keep present employees on board. Let’s dive into some of the first quarter’s most interesting developments.


Turazo’s platform is designed to help employers develop closer relationships with talent when they’re recruiting, and with employees, once they’re on-board.

Focused on interns through mid-career workers, the platform allows users to connect one-on-one in a way that highlights the employer’s brand. The result, the company says, are conversations that allow users to create connections and build relationships, even before the prospect applies for a job.

Turazo recognized early on that Covid-19 was expanding the candidate pool by allowing employers to recruit talent that was far afield. Its remote recruiting technology made it easier to connect diverse people through a range of channels, especially for initial conversations.

Turazo’s customers range from fast-growing scaleups to Fortune 50 companies such as Microsoft and Dell Technologies.


Feffer continues:

By some estimates, 5,000 companies are at work in the HR technology space today, offering products on everything from payroll to learning, candidate sourcing to performance management. Identifying the most interesting of these is no small task, especially when market dynamics are changing, business conditions remain uncertain and, of course, an editor’s
point of view comes into play.

But when you spend your days tracking an industry that’s worth in the neighborhood of $30 billion, you get a sense of who’s tackling old challenges in new ways, whose product roadmap is leading them away from the pack, and who’s identified strategies to take advantage of the market’s disruption.

We think these 10 companies are worth watching. In some cases, they’re brand names who’ve positioned themselves to address changing talent needs. In others, they’re young organizations who’ve brought original thinking to bear, or are simply implementing their business strategy exceptionally well.

Download the whole report PDF here.

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