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Turazo and the power of human connection

Kim Grant

Recruit Faster

Turazo’s inclusive, relationship-based approach to recruiting connects your greatest culture ambassadors – your employees – with future talent.

Turazo believes that technology should enable humans to connect seamlessly and purposefully, worldwide.

Connect Better

Turazo harnesses the power of human connection through 1-to-1 virtual conversations to help companies recruit, retain and advance high-performance workforces.

Empower your Team

Broaden your recruiting strategy to include the enthusiasm of Employee Resource Groups. Engage them as recruiting heroes, ambassadors shouting from the rooftops about how they are flourishing at your company.

Enable talent to reverse interview. They are in the driver’s seat and demand transparency. Give them autonomy to explore your company and culture, year-round, and at enterprise scale.

“My conversation with her was the best hour of my day! We talked about my journey and career options with a Computer Science degree. I am excited for her to apply and have the opportunity to work with her someday.” — Professional, after a 1-to-1 conversation with a candidate


    • Prospects trust conversations with employees three times more than general recruitment tactics.


    • The Net Promoter Score (NPS) across all Turazo platforms is 98/100.


    • Talent comes from more than 2,000 global universities, programs, and boot camps.


    • From a single event, of the 220 prospects in a Fall 2021 cohort, 76% referred the company to their peers, which resulted in 169 prospects signing up via the referral link.

Solving Recruiting Challenges

When employees share company culture and cultivate connections with candidates, it improves recruiting outcomes in DEI and beyond. It fosters belonging, celebrates successes, grows relationships, and nurtures talent.

Measure & Identify

Turazo takes the labor and overhead out of matching and managing these conversations with an integrated scheduling tool that’s scalable and easy to use. Rich metrics are reported directly to the talent acquisition team, providing insights into your future stars via feedback from employees, and helping you achieve company goals.

Building Relationships, Offering Authenticity

Turazo’s machine learning matches talent with your best leaders who tell it like it is – about hybrid versus remote, how work gets done, company vision and values, cross-functional teams, and learning paths.

In Good Company

Top enterprises trust Turazoʼs platform to identify and convert top talent. They include Microsoft, Xerox, DELL Technologies, AT&T, Genentech, SWE, NBNBA, GenerationUSA, and ICMA.

Let’s Talk

If you struggle with recruiting, please book a call. We can also connect you with a current customer.

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