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In Their Own Words: How SWE uses Turazo to promote diversity & inclusion and connect their global community

Kim Grant

The Society of Women Engineers (SWE) is the world’s largest advocate and catalyst for change for women in engineering and technology. SWE launched their Turazo platform in August 2020.

Audrey Uczen, Customer Success, Turazo: How can we help you accomplish your long-term strategic goals?

Abby Watson, Collegiate Coordinator, Membership & Data Management at SWE: The Turazo network supports SWE’s core mission to empower women at all stages of their STEM careers. It also aligns directly with many of our four strategic pillars (Professional Excellence, Globalization, Advocacy, and Diversity & Inclusion). Learn more about SWE Strategic Goals

Of the four strategic goals, Globalization stands out. The network enables SWE to connect members around the world and across disciplines with each other, which is a key advantage for us. Being able to do this at the current price point makes this accessible to SWE as a 501c3. 

Audrey: What’s the biggest problem or challenge Turazo software helps you solve?

Abby: The biggest challenge that Turazo helps SWE solve is how to bring our members together. When a person joins SWE, they are assigned to a local SWE Section or Affiliate based on their location. This enables SWE members to meet people and form connections in their local communities, but how do these groups interact with each other and unite as one SWE community?
SWE’s Annual Conference is a fantastic opportunity for members to meet and connect each year. Due to COVID-19, last year’s conference WE20 was held entirely online. SWE members attended virtual networking events and engaged with each other using the chat function during speaker presentations. Thankfully, SWE partnered with Turazo just in time to host a mentoring event in conjunction with WE20, providing a chance for SWE members to meet one-on-one. It was our most successful event to date, with over 800 mentoring sessions taking place in just two weeks!
Thanks to the SWE Mentor Network, SWE members are getting to know each other during our scheduled mentoring events throughout the year – not just during Annual Conference. A collegiate member in Chicago can book a mentoring session with a professional engineer in India and gain an entirely new perspective! Turazo is an invaluable resource to SWE as we continue to build a beautiful and diverse global network of women in engineering and technology fields.

Audrey: How do you characterize the value of the Turazo network to your mentees, coaches, sponsors, and/or others?

Abby: The primary value is in connecting SWE members from around the world. Our Global Affiliate program is growing quickly. In just the past few months, affiliates have formed in Nigeria, Brazil, Mexico, Singapore, and Canada. Having access to a global network of engineers is extremely valuable!

While the network is an amazing resource for SWE members to give/receive mentoring regarding school and career, the network also builds the SWE community as a whole. Engineering is a male-dominated field, with many women engineers being the only woman in their classes or workplace, leaving them feeling isolated and without a support system. Finding support through this virtual network is deeply impactful. 

In a survey asking for feedback on the SWE Mentor Network, one SWE member told us, “It has introduced me to some inspirational women whose passions align with my own. This gave me a larger sense of community and a much-needed boost of endurance to keep fighting for diversity, equity, and inclusion because there are other women of color out there doing the same thing.”

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