Categories: NewsroomPublished On: December 2nd, 2021

“HR’s Most Dangerous Podcast” talks with Turazo CEO Pete Cipollone

Kim Grant

Turazo CEO Pete Cipollone recently sat for the “Firing Squad,” HR’s most brash and respected podcast, hosted by industry veterans Chad Sowash and Joel Cheeseman, who have published nearly 800 episodes since they began podcasting in March 2017. Basically, everybody who’s anybody has subjected themselves to their smart questioning.

Big thanks to Joel Cheesman and Chad Sowash for the opportunity to share Turazo’s mission, product, and market. It’s always valuable talking with industry superstars who want to see startups succeed. Thanks, too, for the follow-up about how we’ve progressed since we first spoke.

“Video remains one of the hottest technologies around when it comes to recruiting, and one company, Turazo, approaches it in a whole new way, bringing brand ambassadors and “culture carrying employees” into the mix. Sound complicated? It kinda is. See if Founder and CEO Pete Cipollone can survive the Firing Squad.”

Then Pete jumps into his two-minute introductory pitch:

“Turazo is a SAAS platform for private customer branded recruiting and mentorship networks. Through our networks, our customers invite their prospects to connect with company employee ambassadors for informal human-to-human conversations, either video or phone and we do this at scale. For a prospect it’s a high-value experience for learning more about company culture and it’s all within that company’s branded settings. For TA teams it’s a way to deputize hiring teams and employee resource groups to get great prospects excited about the company while gauging what we call mutual enthusiasm. It’s exactly what it sounds like. If employees are excited about a prospect, that’s just like a referral.

This process is also inclusive. Since prospects get to choose who they talk to, they can easily find people in their areas of professional interest and who understand where they come from. We use NLP to make recommendations, but that final choice is always in the prospect’s head. Our customers range from 150ish person startups to enterprises like AT&T, Microsoft, Sierra Box, Dell, Under Armor, and more. And this year we began expanding into internal mentorship, especially for employee resource groups. It really helps grow retention and internal mobility. And you can find out more about us at That’s T U R A Z O.”

Read the full transcription here.