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We are Making Recruiting Human Again

We are trailblazers on a mission to change the way companies engage, develop, and retain talent.

Our team is made up of Olympic medalists, successful entrepreneurs, patent holders, and industry experts. Our accomplishments were not achieved in silos. We relied on coaches, teammates, family, managers, and mentors. We relied on other people.

At Turazo, we're bringing that same passion for guidance, shared knowledge, and the power of connection to dramatically improve the recruiting and hiring process.

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(origin: Gaelic/Celtic):
A journey or expedition, because a career is one of the most important journeys we’ll take in life.


(origin: African):
A leader or guide, because our greatest achievements will require great advice and help from others.

Our Mission

Create a world where talent and opportunity discover each other in a seamless and empowering way.


Leadership & Advisors

Meet our leadership team and the expert advisors helping us build careers and companies. 

Peter_Cipollone Co-Founder and CEO of Turazo Recruiting

Pete Cipollone

Co-Founder, CEO
Meghan OLeary Co-Founder and CCO of Turazo Recruiting

Meghan O'Leary


Kevin Collins

Screen Shot 2021-01-04 at 9.55.12 AM

Jordan Searcy

Audrey Uczen -Turazo

Audrey Uczen

Customer Success
Kim Blue_Lindsey Cowen_Atlantic Station_Atlanta_2020-10-24 100pm_1603742101_rec89GhGKbcwoxAFZ_5297256_41

Kim Blue Terrell

Chuck Brotman Turazo

Chuck Brotman


David Meerman Scott