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We are Making Recruiting Human Again

We are trailblazers on a mission to change the way companies engage, develop, and retain talent.

Our team is made up of Olympic medalists, successful entrepreneurs, patent holders, and industry experts. Our accomplishments were not achieved in silos. We relied on coaches, teammates, family, managers, and mentors. We relied on other people.

At Turazo, we're bringing that same passion for guidance, shared knowledge, and the power of connection to dramatically improve the recruiting and hiring process.

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(origin: Gaelic/Celtic):
A journey or expedition, because a career is one of the most important journeys we’ll take in life.


(origin: African):
A leader or guide, because our greatest achievements will require great advice and help from others.

Our Mission

Create a world where talent and opportunity discover each other in a seamless and empowering way.


Leadership & Advisors

Meet our leadership team and the expert advisors helping us build careers and companies. 

Peter_Cipollone Co-Founder and CEO of Turazo Recruiting

Pete Cipollone

Co-Founder, CEO

Pete harnesses the drive and commitment that made him an Olympic gold medalist and world rowing champion into leading the Turazo team. Leveraging his highly technical background, Pete has successfully led sales, marketing, and product efforts at startups and Fortune 500 companies.

Meghan OLeary Co-Founder and CCO of Turazo Recruiting

Meghan O'Leary


An Olympian and world champion rower, Meghan brings tenacity and focus to her role leading Turazo's business growth and customer success strategy. She has extensive experience in media, community engagement and business development from her work at ESPN, and is a well-known writer and speaker.


Kevin Collins


Kevin co-founded two companies, including one that was named in Entrepreneur Magazine's “Top 100 Brilliant Companies". With his computer science background, Kevin executes and articulates product vision for Turazo. Previously Kevin led Olympic Channel technology for the 2018 PyeongChang Olympics.

Audrey Uczen -Turazo

Audrey Uczen


With over five years of experience in strategic Human Resources and early talent recruiting, Audrey brings a unique perspective on how to help Turazo customers solve today's talent acquisition challenges. As an avid traveler and natural relationship builder, she believes in the transformative power human connection can have on propelling people and systems forward.

Chuck Brotman Turazo

Chuck Brotman


Chuck Brotman has almost 20 years of experience in sales and sales leadership roles, working in industries spanning marketing, education tech, and fleet management. He is currently the VP of Sales and co-founder of Blueprint, a firm that helps businesses with regional expansion in the southeast. Chuck is a passionate advocate for diversity in hiring and career development. He has a BA from UC Berkeley and a PhD in history from the University of Rochester.


David Meerman Scott


David is a marketing strategist, entrepreneur, advisor to emerging companies, VC strategic partner, and bestselling author of 10 books, including "The New Rules of Marketing & PR.

Kim Blue Terrell

Kim Blue Terrell


Kim has created and executed organizational blueprints for top-flight organizations including ESPN and Microsoft. In October 2020, she joined Zoom as the Global Head of People Experience Partners, where she leads the company’s global team People Experience (HR) Partners. Over her career, she has earned a reputation as a trusted adviser who is able to motivate leaders to embrace growth and change to improve themselves and their organizations.

Sean Ellis

Sean Ellis


Sean Ellis is an entrepreneur, angel investor, and startup advisor. He's the author of Hacking Growth, co-creator of GoPractice.io, host of The Breakout Growth Podcast, keynote speaker and runs workshops around the world to help teams align around a cross-functional approach to growth he calls growth hacking (a term he coined in 2010).