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Recruit Hard to Reach Candidates

Identify, engage, and hire diverse, early talent faster than your competitors.

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Give Your Candidates Something to Talk About. 

Adding prospects to your existing database is important, but the data is only useful if you can quickly identify your most qualified and mutually enthusiastic candidates. Keep candidates continuously engaged and connected to your brand, and quickly find the best ones.

Competition for new hires is fierece

Competition for diverse new hires and interns is fierce.

Turazo enables you to offer your candidates something unique, helping you quickly identify the best ones so you can hire them before your competition.

Turazo makes it easy for your team to collaborate

We make it easy for you and your team.

Tackle the recruiting process right from your desk via our one-to-one video interview technology, with integrated scheduling, candidate assessment and tracking tools. 

Turazo makes it easy for your team to collaborate

A New Era for Campus Recruiting.

Turazo exponentially scales your efforts to touch a broader and more diverse candidate pool, building trusted relationships with quality prospects over time, and sharing all the reasons your company is an ideal place to begin their careers.

Turazo Networks are Low Friction, High-Impact

Customer Branded

Fully configurable to match your brand look and feel.


Turazo networks work where your candidates do: phone, email, and text. 


Show candidates why your company is a great place to start their careers. 


Ready to Build Relationships and Hire Smarter?

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