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Turazo Recruiting

We help companies recruit, assess, and coach talent by connecting prospects with employees for one-on-one video conversations.

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Keep the Recruiting Process Human

Turazo is your private platform to create and manage an invite-only talent acquisition network, bringing candidates into contact with the right people in your company to exchange career advice, human-to-human, using live video.

Competition for new hires is fierece

Competition for new hires and interns is fierce.

Turazo enables your team to keep pace with the growing number of prospects, identifying the best and landing them before your competition.

Turazo makes it easy for your team to collaborate

We make it easy for you and your team.

Turazo was designed to scale your talent acquisition process and make hiring more efficient right from your desk via one-to-one video.

Turazo makes it easy for your team to collaborate

Never miss another good candidate again.

Turazo exponentially scales your efforts to touch every candidate, building trusted relationships with quality prospects over time, and sharing all the reasons your company is an ideal place to begin their career.

Turazo Networks are Low Friction, High-Impact

White-Label Platform

Modern customizable interface showcases the brand prospects want to interact with: Yours.

Seamless Integration

Works easily with your existing solutions and platforms.


Intuitive, mobile first interface that meet your candidates where they are: online.

Attracting the best talent requires company-wide engagement

Turazo integrates with your current processes so you can amplify your workplace as an awesome place to work.


1. Source & Invite Prospects

Through the invitation process, prospects describe their goals–what they hope to achieve by engaging with your company


2. Connect Human-to-Human

Prospects self-select who in your company they want to speak with based upon their career interests, shared backgrounds, and experiences. Turazo unique matching algorithm suggests pairings likely to result in the most valuable conversations. In just a few clicks, prospects can schedule a live conversation.


3. Engage & Nurture

Companies that use Turazo, more effectively maintain consistent and meaningful contact with their prospects. The Turazo platform includes its own email marketing tool for targeted engagement and a built-in blog section for sharing company news, job postings, videos, success stories and evergreen content.


4. Reviews & Feedback

Assessments from both participants are completed after each session, providing your team with immediate feedback and uniform data points.

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