Categories: Diversity & InclusionPublished On: June 4th, 2020

In solidarity for a better future

Team Turazo

We created Turazo with the core mission of helping people and companies build better futures with our technology. But this takes more than a mission.

We believe that black lives matter. We believe a better future is one where people don’t face oppression, violence or death in a country that claims to be free and just for all. Building a better future demands that we stand up against racism, bigotry and social injustice; and that takes work.

We stand in solidarity with the Black community to demand and drive that change. (1) copy

We are a small, but passionate team at Turazo and we are committed to doing the work both in our business practices and everyday lives to end racism. This means taking real, actionable steps. For starters, we are donating, volunteering, supporting black-owned businesses and organizations, protesting, educating ourselves and listening. We are having an ongoing dialogue about how we can be and do better. And we vow to continue to actively seek new and lasting ways to be a part of the solution.

Let’s connect as a community to take the right next steps, together.