Turazo’s Mission

Turazo’s trailblazing mission is to help companies engage, develop and retain talent. To transform the relationship between companies and talent. To make recruiting human again. And to bring that same passion for guidance, shared knowledge, and the power of connection to dramatically improve the recruiting and hiring process.

Team Turazo

Team Turazo includes Olympic medalists, successful entrepreneurs, patent holders and industry experts. Their accomplishments were not achieved in silos. They relied on coaches, teammates, managers, mentors and family. They relied on other people.

Pete Cipollone

Co-Founder, CEO

Pete founded Turazo to bring the power of coaching and human connection to help companies recruit, retain and advance high-performance workforces. As an Olympian, gold medalist, and Olympic record holder, Pete knows the impact of great coaching and advice. He learned to code starting in second grade and is the inventor of two US patents, 7,698,333 and 7,836,083, both related to maximizing the relevance of matching profiles. He began his career as a programmer at Factiva, a Dow Jones company and rose to general management, growing a new product line from zero to $5M ARR in 18 months.

Kevin Collins

Co-Founder, CTO

Kevin combines passion for great user experience and a deep background in software engineering – with an enthusiasm for great teams and teamwork – to lead Turazo’s product and technology. While officially a newcomer to Human Resources, he has built and led successful teams across a diverse set of organizations and circumstances for 20 years. Beyond work, he loves getting outside – running, walking, hiking, roller skating (!) – and spending time with friends and family.

Audrey Uczen

Founding Customer Success Manager

Audrey brings her background in strategic Human Resources and early talent recruiting to contribute to the continued development of the product while being a sound advocate for customers’ goals. As an avid traveler and natural relationship builder, she gravitates towards change and human connection. Audrey shares her unique perspectives to elevate Turazo’s processes and strategies. Outside of her professional career, she enjoys traveling, running, boating, photography, live music, attending community events/networking, connecting with brands on social media, coffee and hot sauce.

Michael Colella

Founding Customer Success Manager

Michael brings a passion for coaching and breaking down traditional social networks to Turazo. With more than three years of experience with Customer Success, he is back with Turazo to create vibrant and personalized networks to help you build stronger relationships with prospective hires. Michael is a former aspiring Olympic athlete and trained all over the country. Today he stays connected to sport through coaching adults on the weekends in his hometown of Washington D.C.

Scott Taylor

Senior Software Engineer

Scott is a senior software engineer and prolific open source hacker. He has worked on several high traffic rails apps and has built out iOS and node.js applications. Scott has worked alongside some of the best in the industry, including the founders and early employees of Hulu, Facebook, Amazon, and Github. His last startup, LearnUp, was acquired by Manpower. Scott holds his BA in Philosophy from St. John’s College. He also holds the record for the fastest and loudest typist anywhere – noise canceling headphones be damned.

Kim Grant

Head of Content

Kim is a storyteller who has been involved in the whole spectrum of wordsmithing: as a publisher, chief content officer, editorial director, acquisitions editor, movement creator, media liaison, content marketer, marcom manager, website designer, social media director, public speaker and author. Kim, also a startup founder and entrepreneur, toggles between The Bay Area and Northern New Mexico – spending as many waking hours outdoors as within four walls. She credits her creativity and productivity to a 25-year practice of T’ai Chi Chih, a moving meditation.

Chuck Brotman


Chuck is a sales advisor to Turazo. He has almost 20 years of experience in sales and sales management roles spanning education tech, logistics, and marketing. Chuck is also the VP of Sales and co-founder of Blueprint Expansion, an agency that helps start-up and growth companies identify, hire and onboard exceptional sales and marketing talent anywhere across the country.

David Meerman


David is the author of 12 books including New Rules of Marketing & PR and the Wall Street Journal bestseller Fanocracy. He is also a marketing and business growth speaker, as well as an advisor to emerging companies.

Genevieve Graves


Genevieve is an expert in real-world applications of machine learning and image recognition, natural language processing (NLP), data architecture and human behavior modeling, with a specialized focus in building prototypes and quick-to-market data MVPs for early-phase start-ups and small companies.

Peter Chapman


Peter grows bottom lines through metrics-driven, pragmatic strategies. He helps companies build quantitative models of revenue funnels that span marketing, sales, and customer success. He also equips everyone in their organization with the tools they need to make decisions based on data and adjust their go-to-market processes in ways that have provable results.

“The ability to connect students across the country with our teammates and to be able to provide them with an inside look into working at Under Armour, has been the greatest value of the platform. Students receive guidance and advice on their professional development, and our internal team gets the opportunity to be part of our University Recruiting strategy.”

– Raphael Jordan, Manager, University Recruiting, Under Armour

Prospecting for Recruiting Gold: The Turazo Story

As an Olympic champion, Pete saw race outcomes driven as much by great coaching and training as by talent. Over the course of his athletic career, coaches saw potential in Pete, coaches who had no obligation to Pete but wanted him to succeed. With a background in technology, Pete turned to making that happen at scale.

How do talented people navigate to a place to maximize their talent or show the world that talent? Education and access often are generationally cumulative. If Turazo could connect talent with coaches from companies wanting to hire great people – especially those overlooked – it would start to address systemic and structural inequities.

About Turazo

Turazo software helps their customers’ talent organizations Connect Better. Whether creating authentic, inclusive candidate experiences or growing and retaining current teammates through mentorship and internal mobility, Turazo networks deliver human-to-human connections with high engagement, actionable data streams and real results. Located in San Francisco, Turazo customers include enduring brands such as AT&T, Microsoft, Xerox and Under Armour.

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