Case Study: Mentees and Mentors Overwhelmingly More Connected with Dell Technologies and its Company Culture

  Dell Technology’s Early Engagement Mentorship Program, ‘Excel with Dell,’ is designed to engage with traditional and non-traditional students from all over the country earlier on in their academic journeys. This ensures they have the resources and skills necessary to feel confident [...]

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Journals: Making one-to-one connections more impactful

Journals. For strengthening relationships. For interns, prospects, and internal mobility. One-to-one conversations between mentors and mentees can transform lives. Imagine when those conversations continue... That’s the power of Turazo Network Journals. After a mentor and mentee first connect, there’s a potency in [...]

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Case Study: Broadening and expanding recruitment reach with a mentoring program 

  The Microsoft Reach Mentoring Program pairs early career and aspiring UX designers with mentors from within Microsoft's Design community. Mentors provide career advice, networking opportunities, and preparation for entering the competitive job market.   By the Numbers   The Microsoft Reach [...]

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Mentors & mentees experience meaningful outcomes at ICMA with Coach Connect

Seamlessly customize and deploy the Turazo software platform to increase the value of a mentoring or coaching program. Match learners with diverse coaches to create a wider range of opportunities. Meet Curtis Brown, a Neighborhood Program Specialist working for the city of Columbus, Ohio.

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