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HCM Technology Report Podcast: Turazo & the Future of Recruiting

Jul 30, 2020 3:14:28 PM

Turazo Co-Founders Meghan O'Leary and Pete Cipollone sat down with Mark Feffer of the HCM Technology Report podcast, PeopleTech, to chat about the current state of campus recruiting and how our platform connects employers with early talent from across the country.

Here's a good teaser:

Mark: Some companies have gone fully remote and may stay fully remote even after the crisis passes. What can companies do to effectively share their values, their brand, how they operate, their whole employer message when the whole recruitment processes is virtual?

Pete: Great question. A lot has changed, and a lot has changed very quickly. I think that first of all, companies are starting to recognize that the field is expanded, that they can now recruit talent that may not be as close to the home office. And with that comes the challenge of actually, well, how do we start engaging with these prospects who could be anywhere? That’s one aspect of it.

Meghan: Something that has come up most recently is that by removing those physical encounters, the conferences, et cetera, the companies, especially who are less of a household brand are really having to figure out how to be competitive. Everyone’s going to know of the Googles, the Facebooks, but now those companies who did rely on more of those on-campus events or those in-person encounters, really have to figure out how to differentiate themselves.

And that’s one thing that we’ve seen that the value we’re providing to our customers; providing a place where they can be competitive, and they can showcase their company because maybe they’re less of a household name.

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