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Kim shares the transformational stories of prospects, candidates, and recruits who have connected one-on-one with more experienced talent and employees using the Turazo platform. She does the same from the inside of Turazo too.

Recruiting Case Study: Dell Technologies and Turazo turbocharge pipeline development

  Dell Technology’s Virtual Recruiting Network, ‘Excel with Dell,’ is designed to engage with traditional and non-traditional prospects from all over the country earlier in their academic journeys. This ensures they have the resources and skills necessary to feel confident entering the [...]

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Recruiting Case Study: Microsoft Reach and Turazo launch and grow pipeline development

The Microsoft Reach Virtual Recruiting Network pairs early-career and aspiring UX designers with Employee Ambassadors from within Microsoft's Design community. These Employee Ambassadors provide career advice, networking opportunities, and preparation for prospects entering the competitive job market.   By the Numbers   [...]

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Microsoft for Startups gives founders access to a powerful network for advice and coaching

Derek Anderson, Co-founder & CEO, Startup Grind & Bevy: Tell us about Founders Hub, since you're its brainchild, about what and where this came from, how it came together, and what problems it solves. Lahini Arunchalam, Director of Product Management, Microsoft for [...]

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Journals: Making one-to-one connections more impactful

Journals. For strengthening relationships. For interns, prospects, and internal mobility. One-to-one conversations between mentors and mentees can transform lives. Imagine when those conversations continue... That’s the power of Turazo Network Journals. After a mentor and mentee first connect, there’s a potency in [...]

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Dell Technologies, Xerox & Turazo spotlight a proven process to diversify a global workforce

The Society of Women Engineers Corporate Partnership Council met recently in Houston. Jennifer Scott, SWE’s Executive Vice President for Strategic Partnerships, introduced a best practice session about leveraging Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) in recruitment and retention. SWE uses the Turazo platform for [...]

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