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Recruiting Case Study: Fluke and Turazo increase hires with diverse backgrounds

Kim Grant

Fluke’s Virtual Recruiting Network, ‘Connect @ Fluke,’ elevates candidates’ enthusiasm for Fluke through workplace culture conversations with Fluke Ambassadors. Top conversational topics include those around career development, culture, work-life balance, and ‘ask me anything.’ Connect @ Fluke highlights the power of 1:1 conversations in building employer brand. By engaging candidates when interest is high (at the time of applying), Fluke stands out in the employer marketplace.

By the Numbers


Fluke identified two main goals:

• increase U.S. hires with diverse backgrounds

• share the Fluke culture earlier in the hiring process

“It was very valuable to hear from an insider how the company is to work for.

– Connect @ Fluke Candidate


Fluke offers the program to every U.S. candidate and it is 100% optional.

“I have never experienced a company doing something like this before. It was nice to learn more about Fluke in a relaxed setting where a person could focus on learning about the company.” – Connect @ Fluke Candidate

“The Connect approach is exactly what I would have wanted when I was applying for jobs. We let people know we are real, we are here, we care about others and can be spoken to the way you would speak to a neighbor. It does exactly what the name implies – connects us.” – Connect @ Fluke Employee Ambassador

Fluke drives genuine results

“Fluke has made some real efforts since 2020 to improve our DEI approach, and Connect represents a sustained action that continues to have a lasting impression on how we recruit and attract all types of talent. I’m proud that Fluke hasn’t forgotten the promises we made in 2020, and that we have made these sustained efforts.”

– Connect @ Fluke Employee Ambassador

Key Outcomes and Takeaways

• 77% of hires who had a conversation on Connect @ Fluke came from diverse backgrounds

• 97% of Candidates would recommend Connect @ Fluke to a Peer

• 84% of Ambassadors would recommend Connect @ Fluke to a Peer

“This process was unlike any I’ve ever gone through and it was amazing.”

– Connect @ Fluke Candidate

Foster enthusiasm and allow candidates to see themselves within a company