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Recruiting Case Study: CSweetener and Turazo accelerate gender parity in C-suites

Kim Grant

HLTH’s professional mentorship program, CSweetener, works with corporate sponsors to help prepare employees or recruits for advancement, accelerate gender parity in the healthcare c-suites and drive business results through diversity.

By the Numbers

The Purpose

This professional mentorship network uses one-to-one conversations to match women in mid-senior level roles in healthcare with luminaries who guide their careers during year-long virtual mentorships.

“This conversation was AMAZING, life-changing. From practical tactics to grow my career, to manifesting and visualizing, and aligning with my journey.”  – CSweetener Mentee

The Turazo Solution for Advancing Women

Each mentorship introduction initiated and catalyzed life-changing outcomes. Reported impacts are magical and collaborative. CSweetener grows networks because they know that almost 80% of jobs come through networking.

“I cannot wait for my next session. My mentor has great enthusiasm, wonderful intuition and inspiring ideas, combined with practical advice and implementation. I could not feel more energized.” – CSweetener Mentee

Key Outcomes and Takeaways

• 98.5% of Mentees report that sessions directly impact actions

• 81% of Mentees report conversations as “groundbreaking”

• 4.8/5 is the average rating of mentors post-conversation

“I love that women can ‘pop in’ for quick sessions. Mentorship is for questions big and small. Sweetener allows for that.” – CSweetener Mentor

Women helping women