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Recruiting Case Study: SWE and Turazo connect a global community

Kim Grant

The Society of Women Engineer’s Virtual Recruiting Network, ‘SWE Mentor Network,’ launched in August 2020 and made an impact from the first one-to-one conversation. It connects women from all backgrounds and in all stages of their STEM careers throughout the calendar year, not only during the annual conference. And it allows women in traditionally male-dominated industries to build community, camaraderie, and support systems. The Society of Women Engineers Corporate Partnership Council meets regularly and regionally to sponsor best practices sessions, as they did here for leveraging Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) in recruitment and retention.

By the Numbers

The Purpose

SWE understands and values the power of amplifying professional STEM networks. They wanted to set the stage for women in tech and engineering to have amazingly successful careers.

“I really enjoyed talking with B! She gave lots of great advice about learning AI and cloud computing infrastructures, as well as her thoughts on pursuing a PhD. It was wonderful to learn about her role and her experiences at Intel, and I learned a lot from our conversation!” – SWE Mentee

The Methods

SWE determined that two-week mentorship networking cohorts were the most effective way to supplement their other programming and events. This also respected their mentors’ and mentees’ time.

SWE members at all levels offer mentoring services, receive mentoring, or both.

“My Mentor offered great advice about Al and cloud computing infrastructures, and her thoughts on pursuing a PhD. It was wonderful to learn about her role and her experiences at Intel.” – SWE Mentor

The Context

SWE — founded in 1950 with more than 40,000 collegiate and professional global members — is the world’s largest advocate and catalyst for change for women in engineering and technology.

“You will make a great impact on any company you choose if you remain confident in your ability to deliver quality and substance! Please keep in touch.” – SWE Mentor

Key Outcomes and Takeaways

• 46% of mentees are now employed at SWE Corporate Partnership Council Companies

• 4.85/5 of mentees thought the conversation helpful

• 4.83/5 average mentor rating post-conversation

“I can’t thank you enough for sharing so much of your valuable time with me. I will keep you posted on my promotion request.” – SWE Mentee

Global connections amplify career development