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Recruiting Case Study: Dell Technologies and Turazo turbocharge pipeline development

Kim Grant


Dell Technology’s Virtual Recruiting Network, ‘Excel with Dell,’ is designed to engage with traditional and non-traditional prospects from all over the country earlier in their academic journeys. This ensures they have the resources and skills necessary to feel confident entering the upcoming recruiting season and succeed in their professional goals. Selected participants come from 4-year colleges and universities and 2-year community colleges.


By the Numbers


The Purpose

Dell Technology piloted a Turazo-powered network in 2021 and needed support in scaling it. Excel with Dell allowed prospects to get an insider’s view of what goes on at Dell Technologies, network with team members, and receive guidance with their professional goals through 1-to-1 conversations with an employee ambassador.

“I am feeling more confident of my skills in the cybersecurity area.” – Excel with Dell Prospect


The Context

Excel with Dell partnered with Turazo to support 160 prospects and professionals. Employee ambassador-prospect matches were made instantly rather than manually. Mentorship was a component of Excel with Dell which included other events and webinars. Engagement was integrated and tracked throughout the 3-month virtual program.

Employee ambassadors and prospects found great value in the conversations: 85% of employee ambassadors rated their prospects 4 or higher (out of 5), and 100% of prospects rated their conversation 5/5 stars (based on 100 reviews).

“My employee bmbassador is contacting others in her network for information I need and sending me helpful links.” – Excel with Dell Prospect


The Turazo Solution for Dell Technologies

One-to-one conversations create a sense of connection and trust between employee ambassadors and prospects that extends to the company. The conversations engender feelings of belonging and being seen, heard, and valued. Eighty prospects and 80 employee ambassadors had more than 300 1-to-1 conversations.

Seventy-five percent of prospects used journals to write 200 journal posts. Turazo-powered journals strengthen relationships and make 1-to-1 conversations more impactful. Prospects built confidence, grew skills to achieve potential, and were more set up for professional success.

“The way I view Dell culture is that no one is alone; everyone is there for each other.” – Excel with Dell Prospect


Key Outcomes and Takeaways

• 95% of prospects gained more insight into Dell company culture or their preferred career path through their conversations

• 87% of employee ambassadors felt more connected to Dell after their 1-to-1 conversations

“I will apply to Dell after I get my associates degree.” – Excel with Dell Prospect


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