Categories: ArticlesPublished On: June 29th, 2022

Getting from Fear to FOMO — A Recipe for Mentoring Magic

Kim Grant

“I’m afraid of adding another thing to our employees’ plates.”

— the most common hesitation from prospective customers considering a mentoring program

In successful mentoring programs, though, mentors are 10 times more likely to ask why they haven’t been booked by a mentee recently. They’re 10 times more likely to share how mentoring reminds them why they love their career or ask how they can be more involved in mentoring.

Successful mentoring is founded on a pool of enthusiastic mentors. And the recipe is simple:

  • Give mentors complete control over their involvement. One conversation a quarter, great! Thrice weekly, perfect! Twice a month, bingo!
  • Remove all friction. Ask mentees to clearly state their mentorship goals. Allow them to only book open times in mentors’ calendars. We call these “zero-overhead conversations” and they occur more than three-quarters of the time.
  • Create space for magic! A large enough pool of enthusiastic mentors means each mentor only gets booked by mentees with whom they are exceptionally well matched. Exceptionally well-matched mentors and mentees have reliably exceptional conversations.

To taste the fruits of mentoring magic, put yourself in the shoes of a great mentor. Decide how much time you’re willing to spend mentoring. Conversations with mentees get booked at times in your calendar that are convenient and free for you. Conversation invites from the mentee arrive with a clearly stated purpose. You spend 100% of your time helping amazing earlier-career employees who have a clear goal, and who have specifically chosen you to discuss it. Magic!

As a mentor network succeeds and grows, it becomes easier to engage new mentors, re-engage existing ones, and even transform star mentees into mentors themselves. Rather than becoming more cumbersome, a larger pool of mentors creates even more exceptional mentoring conversations. It’s even better than magic, it’s real!

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