Categories: ArticlesPublished On: June 28th, 2022

Flight to Authenticity

Team Turazo

Like everyone, we are witnessing turbulence in the labor market. Companies that had massive hiring plans just a few months ago are now freezing headcount, laying people off, and even rescinding offers. It’s frightening.

We also keep seeing opportunities — for quality companies that have struggled over the past few years to get the attention of great workers. More than ever, solid businesses with compelling missions to share are now in a great position. We call it a flight to authenticity.

Workforces are increasingly seeking out companies with quality leadership and proven businesses. Where talented people can make a big difference and grow without distractions. Where companies and their people can compound the value of their own growth.

These companies offer stable platforms for great work — a place to make a real impact without the career risk. Where talent can embrace their career goals and opportunities and still feel continuity.

The challenge for these companies is getting the message out authentically and at the scale needed to meet their hiring goals. Lots of companies are on someone’s “Best places to work of 202X” list. How can they meaningfully differentiate themselves to the best candidates, casting the most inclusive net?

Our customers use Turazo to share their employees’ stories authentically, worldwide, through the power of human-to-human conversations. They see response rates that are two to three times better than traditional recruiter outreach. Their applicants enter the process with clarity and enthusiasm — they now know someone at the company.

It’s exciting to witness these success stories. We see people who never dreamt of working at certain companies making their first connections there, building relationships, and accepting offers.

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