Categories: ArticlesPublished On: May 12th, 2022

Work magic (and making magic work) in talent acquisition

Team Turazo

Magic happens when people make meaningful connections. Pair it with data and a platform that has excellent Net Promoter Scores, and you have a recipe for success.

Can talent acquisition be fun, and scalable? Hint: Yes, when you deputize employees.

Are you acting as a manual concierge service, matching employees and top recruits by hand? Let technology streamline the process and ease the burden.

With assistance from the Turazo-powered AI, candidates self-select which professionals to speak with. This gives candidates the power to connect on their own terms. It flips the dynamic of traditional recruiting.

Magic is created when candidates get connected with your most enthusiastic employees. People feel a sense of belonging. You recognize it when it happens; it’s electrifying and rewarding.



Scalable? Yes! Hit the ground running with speedy onboarding, from employee profile creation to amazing prospect/employee matching using Turazo AI.

Three-quarters of conversations are scheduled with no overhead.

Prospects and candidates come from more than 2,000 universities and training programs.



Attracting top talent and building a diverse workforce requires authenticity and intent. Let’s connect better.

Learn more about conversational recruiting and Talent Acquisition powered by Turazo.

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