Categories: ArticlesPublished On: April 29th, 2022

Journals: Making one-to-one connections more impactful

Kim Grant

Journals. For strengthening relationships. For interns, prospects, and internal mobility.

One-to-one conversations between mentors and mentees can transform lives. Imagine when those conversations continue… That’s the power of Turazo Network Journals.

After a mentor and mentee first connect, there’s a potency in writing intentions and goals, and in synthesizing impressions. Creating notes and messages in Journals builds continuity between and among conversations. Connections are nurtured over time.

Writing in Turazo Network Journals helps sustain engagement between conversations. It keeps people and companies top of mind, growing into knowing that this is their place, these are their people. It also keeps a pipeline warm.


Experience the magic of Turazo Network Journals

I really enjoyed talking about the research side of UX and it was helpful to hear about projects you’ve worked on and how you gain insights from customers/users. I appreciate your advice on the interview process, too, and becoming more involved through internships, networking online, and attending career fairs. And just overall tips for success. — Microsoft Design Mentee

You asked some great questions about how UX research is conducted when developing new products and how researchers work with other stakeholders like designers and PMs. You are well set up to gain experience and build your portfolio. Be strategic and dream big. Don’t be afraid to fail because you will learn a lot and it will set you up for success in the long run. — Microsoft Design Mentor


For mentees and prospects, looking back on Journal notes from each conversation, they see a deepening sense that a mentor cares about their trajectory. They get an additional place to engage, take notes, and continue interacting with their mentors. Journals are a gift that keeps on giving.

For mentors, Journals are helpful for reviewing notes that another mentor jotted down after speaking with a mentee. The new mentor can better prepare for the session, be more efficient, and better understand that mentee.


Experience the power of Turazo Network Journals:

My mentor is disciplined in many fields, and I’m definitely excited to learn more about different career paths at Dell and professionals’ journeys.

After watching the kickoff meeting recording, I know there will be many resources to guide me through this program. Their welcome gave me the confidence to connect further with the professionals. — Dell Technologies Mentee


On one level, it’s meaningful to a mentee when a mentor thinks enough of them to leave them a nice note.

On a deeper level, Journals allow mentors and mentees to build on the foundation of a first conversation – rather than sit next to it. Over time and through context, it fosters a sense of “This feels like a place where I’m connected, where I belong.”

Companies also use Turazo Network Journals when referrals are encouraged to connect with others at the company. In this instance, too, they are not only building a relationship between one employee and one candidate. They’re building a relationship between the team and that person. It’s a whole other layer of context and deepening connection.


Experience the transformative gift of Turazo Network Journals:

You were already proactively asking smart questions about how to transition from academia to industry. If I had been half as prepared as you, my own transition would have been smoother. — Mentor

I loved our conversations because every answer of theirs led to a deeper question. — Mentee


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