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Case Study: Broadening and expanding recruitment reach with a mentoring program 

Kim Grant


The Microsoft Reach Mentoring Program pairs early career and aspiring UX designers with mentors from within Microsoft’s Design community. Mentors provide career advice, networking opportunities, and preparation for entering the competitive job market.


By the Numbers


The Microsoft Reach Challenge

The mission of the Microsoft Reach Mentoring Program was to broaden and expand Microsoft Design’s recruitment reach. To connect with more students from U.S. universities and bootcamps and historically underrepresented communities of talent. To allow students to connect with mentors at Microsoft and learn what it takes to build a flourishing career in UX design.


The Turazo Solution for Microsoft Reach

Turazo customized a program for Microsoft Reach to host virtual mentorship programs that would build early relationships with diverse candidates curious about UX careers.

The network allowed and encouraged students to connect directly with a variety of Microsoft mentors through multiple, one-to-one conversations.

My mentee has ambition and wants to learn as many skills as possible. The projects on his portfolio website are polished. He will be a good candidate. We discussed a “Day in the Life of a UX Designer” and portfolio review. – Microsoft Design Mentor


Microsoft Reach – Turazo Takeaway

The Microsoft Reach Program grew engagement and awareness about UX design careers by connecting early with prospects, helping shape their career trajectories.

We talked about different topics but I was made aware of the lack of diversity in UX design. I was encouraged to pursue a career in UX design to change that.” – Mentee in Microsoft Reach Mentoring Program (from Generation USA)


Microsoft Reach Turazo Program Highlights

• The Spring 2021 to Fall 2021 cohort growth and engagement exceeded Microsoft Reach’s goals. The two successful pilots led to a 3rd cohort currently underway.

• Clear program positioning and high-quality mentee sourcing led to a higher growth rate for certificate recipients.

• The time commitment of mentors became more manageable as more mentors signed on.


More Participant Voices


Learn more about Turazo’s conversational recruiting platform and how it can help your recruiting efforts.

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