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Introducing Turazo’s customer success team

Kim Grant

Turazo is proven relationship-based recruiting software for internal mobility, candidate experience, mentoring, and proactive sourcing.

Tell us about your related professional background?

Audrey Uczen, Senior Customer Success Manager: Since my education and experience is in Human Resources, I knew I could make a big impact at an HR Tech startup. I have a hands-on understanding of the industry — from partnering strategically across functional leadership teams, supporting individual contributors, participating in project rollouts, and diving into early talent recruiting.

Michael Colella, Lead Customer Success Manager: Turazo is my first, full-time position! My background in sports and the power of coaching drew me in. I really see first-hand the value in Turazo’s customized solutions and our ability to connect dispersed networks in authentic and meaningful ways.


Why did you choose Customer Success?

Audrey: I love building relationships with each and every customer. Each Turazo Network within our customer base is used in a unique way. So I’m more like a consultant operating across various industries and departments. I enjoy the agility and nimbleness required to succeed here. I might head into a day with a plan but then pivot as challenges arise.

Michael: Partnership. 100%. Customer Success is all about working with our clients to create vibrant and impactful experiences for their users. Every customer is quite different, which challenges me to think of how to best solve their problems instead of providing the identical solution over and over again.


How do you define customer success?

Audrey: Exactly the way it sounds: our customers being successful. Each has unique opportunities and objectives, so Michael and I dive into measurable goals and KPIs to ensure that we provide the proper recommendations and support.

Michael: It is all about ensuring that every client — and every one of their users — who touches Turazo technology has a great experience and becomes a champion of our tools and organization.


How do you measure customer success?

Audrey: It begins when a customer clearly articulates their organizational opportunities and how their Turazo Network impacts the progress towards those goals. There’s nothing better than empowering our customers to drive network growth and decisions, and helping them get comfortable presenting to leadership.

Michael: Every client is different. I work with our customers to understand their larger strategic goals and then break down those goals into measurable metrics to empower them to communicate their network successes to their teammates. Any time a user is empowered and energized is a successful day. (Fortunately there are daily wins!)


What is Turazo’s unique selling proposition?

Audrey: I may be a little biased, but Turazo employees are just as motivated as our customers to the success of a client’s network. Our customers know they have a voice in the room, and we incorporate product changes based on their recommendations. We seriously encourage and appreciate their feedback.

Michael: It boils down to our emphasis on authentic representation and candid conversations. The core philosophy that drives all decision-making? One-to-one connections driven by the candidate. All hiring should be done this way.

Please stay tuned for occasional conversations with Turazo’s amazing and approachable CS team.

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