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Improve retention & company culture: A pilot program case study

Kim Grant

Empower your workforce so you can hire for growth instead of replacement.

Improving retention rates and sharing company culture start with one-on-one conversations. Career development for individuals can be perfectly balanced with seamless integration and scalability for a company.



This is the story of an enterprise company that leveraged the Turazo software platform to algorithmically match its experienced employees with its early talent. They wanted to give employees a more broad and grounded understanding of their company culture, varied career offerings, and commitment to diversity. After surveying participants during a six-month pilot program, the Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion was excited.


Participation & Feedback

Participation rates for women and BIPOC in the pilot program exceeded expectations and overrepresented their internal averages. Higher participant representation validated the desire and interest for this type of programming.

Ninety percent of early talent participants valued being in the program and would participate again. 

Experienced employees at the Director+ level represented 60% of the participants, all of whom were volunteers. A post-pilot survey indicated that the experience was valuable to 85% of employees. They overwhelmingly indicated a desire to participate going forward and that their time commitment (an hour) was perfect. “It was not a heavy lift on central HR functions,” commented the Director of DEI.

HR Runs with Turazo AI Matching Tool

HR had never rolled out anything formalized for mentorship, so they were intrigued to employ Turazo’s AI matching capabilities. “There were sprints to launch it but then everyone ran with the wind, no one was burdened,” added the Director of DEI.

“Mentorship provides solidity and stability as we transition back to the office, especially because people will be on two- to three-day, in-house cycles. This allows employees to make and strengthen connections with leaders they may not see in person. The pilot received so much internal publicity that different business units and resource groups want to start up with it, too. Now we’ll want to think about how to partner with the learning development team.”


Competencies & Soft Skills

To maximize learning, the company outlined a specific set of competencies to focus on, covering both professional topics (e.g. thinking strategically, building talent, and making effective decisions using data) and the soft skills (e.g. work-life integration, personal branding, and communicating effectively).

The Director of DEI even set up a profile to see how easy it was: “Turazo’s algorithms worked really, really well. Eighty percent felt they had really strong matches.” The emphasis on soft skills was particularly well received. “This feedback came from the DE&I team and amazing SVPs; participants were the crème de la crème.” 


Beyond the Pilot Program

Many mentor networks allow for just one mentee-mentor relationship. With Turazo, mentors book a session with whomever they want. As Audrey Uczen offered: “It’s very sustainable because people book sessions themselves.” 

Michael Colella chimed in: “This mentorship approach really reduced the barriers for connections to people outside their normal sphere.”

The Director of DEI concurred: “Meeting people you don’t typically work with has always been something I’ve loved about our company culture. Going forward in this new environment we need to retain company culture and do things like this to develop our bench.”

The Director of DEI summed it up: “We’re eager for anything that makes a path for other people to do great work. Let’s keep the momentum going; it’s made a difference for our teammates.”


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