Categories: ArticlesPublished On: September 15th, 2021

Turazo puts its money where its mouth is with internships

Kim Grant

Seamlessly customize and deploy the Turazo software platform to increase the value of an internship program. Match interns with diverse employees to create a wider range of opportunities, increase conversion to FTE, and infuse energy into your corporate culture.

That’s how our enterprise and high-growth early-stage startups clients use Turazo. We do too! We put our money and time where our mouth is with interns. Meet the multi-faceted Alex Becker, software engineering intern extraordinaire. He makes mentoring feel good too.


Tell us about your internship?

I worked as a Software Engineering Intern at Turazo in the Fall and Spring of 2020. I was lucky enough to have a warm intro to Pete Cipollone, and having used (and loved) Online Career Fair that summer, I jumped at the opportunity to join the team. I had a weekly stand-up with Kevin Collins, Turazo’s CTO, where we would discuss upcoming projects and product updates. I also had the opportunity to connect with the team in our weekly Friday meetings, where I could participate in discussions about the overall company strategy. It was an incredible experience to work under Pete, Kevin, and Scott – who offered timely, meaningful feedback that helped me grow as a programmer and as an entrepreneur. I also felt that my contributions were making a real impact on the customer – something that is hard to find in internships today.

How did you determine if a Turazo internship was the right opportunity for you?

I always knew I wanted to work with a startup, and I had spoken with Pete and Kevin through a mutual connection. I immediately recognized their passion for the solution they were building, and with Pete’s background, Turazo’s story resonated with me. I jumped at the chance to learn from the two of them, and I found the entire team to be equally driven, intelligent, and deeply passionate about mentorship.

What surprised you most about your internship with Turazo?

I appreciated the amount of time that Kevin, Pete, and the Turazo team were willing to devote to my professional growth. When I joined the team, I didn’t expect the CEO and CTO of a startup to be so approachable. I quickly realized that everyone was only a Slack message away, and they were more than willing to hop on a call to provide guidance on a feature, to help me debug, or just to discuss their day. I valued my meetings with Kevin each week because I knew that genuine mentorship was at the forefront of his mind; I had the chance to learn from an accomplished entrepreneur while making a meaningful impact on Turazo’s end users. I’m glad to have developed lasting relationships with some of the most talented product people I’ve ever met.


If a friend/colleague asked you about interning for Turazo, what would you say?

Working with Turazo was an incredibly impactful experience. Not only did I see myself becoming a better developer, but I also had the chance to join in conversations about business and product strategy. I learned to empathize with the end-user from a pro, and I received timely, detailed feedback and recommendations. Even as an intern, I felt welcome from the first call with Pete, and I gained invaluable skills that I’ve since put to use in my other roles. I’m thankful for my time at Turazo, and for the relationships I’ve developed with the team!

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