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Why and how internships (and interns) are so valuable

Kim Grant

Enterprise companies use the versatile Turazo recruiting platform to increase retention and conversion of their internship cohorts.


Early in our professional careers, internships were invaluable to furthering our development. We hire interns at Turazo and support others hiring them. Our Top 10 reasons for doing so?

• expand diversity of thought / background / generational perspective;
• infuse energy, enthusiasm, motivation;
• reduce recruitment time and costs;
• help bring special projects across the finish line;
• discover and test drive talent (basically conducting an extended interview before extending a job offer);
• increase intern-to-employee retention rate;
• lighten workloads of more senior employees and increase productivity;
• close the skills gap;
• offer the staff supervisory opportunities;
• AND … it feels good to give back!


Overheard at the virtual water cooler: Students speaking 1-on-1 with employees at a Fortune 100 company about internships.

They “offered to connect me with other interns and SVPs.” ~~ JP

They “reassured me that opportunities are out there and that the company is very dynamic.” ~~ CK

They advised me to “Stay in contact with your network post-internship.” ~~ PS

They recommended that I “play up on my resume and during interviews how much I learned in all facets of my internship.” ~~ JS

They reminded me to “Take pride and have fun with my work, and to reach out to the team and/or fellow interns to form new connections and meet newer people.” ~~ RR

Because of the internship, I have “a better understanding of what I want to do. We also discussed different ways to be successful as an intern.” ~~ YD

“Internships are beneficial to grow my skill set and navigate my interests. [They] mentioned that being curious and exploring those interests will help me in figuring out what next to pursue.”

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