Categories: ArticlesPublished On: June 15th, 2020

Pandemic Summer: Career Prep Steps You Can Take Today

Team Turazo

You have worked hard, made good decisions, and sacrificed. You have focused like a laser on your academic experience. And then the pandemic happened. That internship you hustled and sweated for? It went virtual, or worse, got canceled. How do you bounce back from that and everything else going on right now?


First, know that you are not alone. For every successful professional career, there are the stories you don’t hear: the setbacks, the failures, heartbreak and straight up fear. Many of us have been there. We want to see you achieve your dreams. Take a deep breath, and flex your resilience muscles. You have the power to convert that stress into strength and action, and possibly achieve even more than you would have in the comfort of “normal” times

Here is one approach you can take right now. Build your own virtual internship by making some great connections in the companies, industries, and roles you are interested in. When you are done, you can put this project on your LinkedIn profile, noting the people you spoke to and key things you learned.

Let’s set our big goal to be having at least one 20-30-minute conversation each week by the end of summer. But first, our simple goal is to get ONE. Start by identifying a list of professionals you would like to “interview.” Think of these conversations as a way to increase your career path clarity–is this a job I would want to do every day? Is this company the kind of place I would want to build by my career? Can I learn how to talk about my strengths? Can I make a new friend to reference on my next internship or job application?

You can search LinkedIn, or you can also get started at, a service we created for you. We have hundreds of professionals from great companies ready and willing to speak with you one-on-one–they have already said “Yes!” Just pick your conversation partners and choose times to talk.

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