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Recruiting software that puts people at the center of recruitment and retention.


Hey there.

We are Olympic gold medalists and world champion athletes.

We are entrepreneurs and patent holders.

We are trail blazers on a mission to change the way companies engage talent.

Our accomplishments were not achieved in silos. We relied on coaches, teammates, classmates, family, and mentors. We relied on other people.

At Turazo, we're dedicated to bringing that same passion for guidance, shared knowledge, and the power of connection, to dramatically improve the recruiting and hiring process. 


Tur • a • Zo

(origin: Gaelic/Celtic):
A journey or expedition, because a career is one of the most important journeys we’ll take in life.

(origin: African):
A leader or guide, because our greatest achievements will require great advice.

Our vision is to create a world where talent and opportunity discover each other in a seamless and empowering way.