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Recruit, retain, and cultivate talent virtually at an enterprise scale.

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Traditional recruiting is broken

The largest companies struggle to manage their employer brand and showcase their internal career path successes.

Recruiting teams are stretched thin, unable to scale more effective approaches to hiring.

Companies need to achieve diversity goals, but they continue to overlook exceptional talent and cede opportunities to those who have the privilege and social capital to navigate the “old boy network.”


Meet Turazo

Turazo puts the human element back into hiring with an inclusive, relationship-based approach that connects your greatest culture ambassadors–your employees–with future talent for authentic, 1-1 virtual conversations. 


Give Candidates Unprecedented Access to Your Brand & Culture

Turazo introduces candidates to the employees who share their story for in-depth, insightful, and credible conversations designed to build trust.

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Enable Your Hiring Teams to Connect Earlier

Leverage Employee Resource Groups and hiring teams to cultivate authentic relationships with future talent early in the recruiting process. 


Cultivate Relationships Proactively & Consistently

Move beyond the seasonal hiring process and proactively engage with talent even when a position is not currently open.

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Identify & Assess with Confidence

Gain meaningful insights into your future stars via feedback from both the talent and employees to drive increased performance and retention.

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Under Armour

Challenged by limited resources to invest significant time in campuses across the country, Under Armour needed a way to diversify their talent pool at scale. With Turazo, they are diversifying their talent recruitment strategy and cultivating emergent talent with an "always-on" approach.

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"The platform has been a huge improvement to our campus recruiting strategy-helping us reach over 200 schools."

The ability to connect students across the country with our Under Armour teammates has been the greatest value of the platform. Students receive guidance and advice on their professional development, and our team gets the opportunity to be part of our University Recruiting strategy.

Raphael Jordan, University Recruiting at Under Armour Raphael Jordan, University Recruiting at Under Armour

Transactional Recruiting is Broken.

It's time to start building authentic relationships with your future talent.

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