Attract top talent with culture-forward recruiting

Recruiting top candidates is easy when they love your company culture.

hard-to-reach talent
competitive candidates
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Top candidates want to know if you’re a good company to work for.

Turazo is how you show them.

Candidates are choosing great places to work, not just great offers

They’re looking for environments where they can thrive: What’s the culture like? Will I find belonging here? They want to choose a fulfilling career journey in a workplace where they belong.

Candidates need authentic insights - not marketing

Left with anonymous employer review sites, it’s hard to get insight into a company culture. Candidates need personal, authentic connections and insights to make informed decisions.

Turazo gives candidates a window into your company culture

Through 1:1 conversations with select employee ambassadors, Turazo gives candidates exactly what they need: An opportunity to ask questions and build relationships with employees at your company.

How does Turazo affect candidates?

Develop authentic relationships
Reassurance and alignment with company culture
Build enthusiasm for the position

How Talent Acquisition teams use Turazo


Stand out to top candidates on LinkedIn

Use Turazo to stand out from the crowd by offering an informal 1:1 conversation to top candidates. Typically, 30-40% of candidates respond when offered a Turazo conversation.


Be the top choice for top candidates

When competitive candidates evaluate job offers, they ask, “is this a good place for me to work?” Turazo matches them with an employee they’ll resonate with.


Transparency into what candidates care about

When candidates onboard on Turazo, they indicate a goal for their conversation. This data helps match them with a relevant employee ambassador, and it enables TA teams to understand what really matters to the candidate.

How Fluke recruits diverse talent with Turazo

Connect @ Fluke is a Turazo network designed to recruit diverse talent. Applicants are offered an opportunity to have a candid, 1:1 conversation with an employee ambassador of their choice.

By providing an inside look at the company culture, Connect @ Fluke turns normal applicants into excited, motivated candidates.

of candidates would recommend Connect @Fluke to a peer
of hires who had a conversation on Connect @ Fluke come from diverse backgrounds

“We let candidates know we are real, we are here, and we care about others like a neighbor. It does exactly what the name implies - it connects us.”

- Connect @ Fluke employee ambassador

Recruiting teams have a lot on their plate.

Turazo makes culture-forward recruiting easy.

Turazo’s platform: High impact, low maintenance

Clear metrics

Our team works with you directly to build a perfectly executed program.

Use Turazo as standalone, or integrate with your tools.

Turazo can integrate with your ATS and communications tools.

Turazo uses the highest standard for enterprise security & privacy.

“The support we’ve gotten from the Turazo team has been absolutely first-class. We couldn’t be happier.”
Jim Sanders
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