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Give Your Candidates Something to Talk About 

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Are You Engaging Your Most Enthusiastic Candidates?

Build and manage an invite-only talent acquisition network that empowers candidates to find and connect with employees human-to-human, using live video.

Nurture Your Best Candidates

Offer candidates personal, face-to-face engagements with real people in your company, via convenient virtual one-on-ones.  

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Promote Your Employer Brand

Show what makes your company culture special by connecting candidates with your best brand ambassadors: your current employees.

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Diversify Your Talent Pool

Reach new applicant pools and talent streams by building an effective virtual presence with 20x the number of institutions, without ever leaving the office.

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Give Candidates the Power to Engage

Nurture and assess candidates—at scale—by connecting them with your current employees. They’ll see what makes your company special, and you’ll evaluate candidates on factors you’ll never get from resume screening.

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Recruit Hard to Reach Candidates

Manage a recruitment network where you’ll build meaningful relationships with hard-to-reach or under-represented groups. Candidates engage directly with your team and brand, gaining valuable insights into the culture, the business, and “a day in the life” that will ultimately keep your company top-of-mind.

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Create a Valuable Candidate Experience

Impress candidates from the start and throughout the entire recruiting process with a personalized and fully branded Turazo network. From mobile-friendly applications, to painless interview scheduling, we provide the tools that help you deliver a candidate experience that stands out from the rest.

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Deliver Actionable Sourcing Analytics

Take the guesswork out of identifying which sources are delivering the best results. Turazo tracks the success of your engagement strategies with individualized sourcing analytics and detailed conversion reports.


Amplify Your Existing Recruiting Tools

Turazo doesn’t replace your recruiting processes—it empowers you to reach thousands more qualified candidates, faster and more efficiently. From sourcing tools to productivity software, we integrate with your existing methods to achieve significantly better results.

The ability to connect students across the country with our teammates and to be able to provide them with an inside look into working at Under Armour, has been the greatest value of the platform.
Raphael Under Armour Testimonial
Manager, University Recruiting at Under Armour

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See how Turazo will transform your recruiting efforts.

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